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Kindergarten at Maybeury
Jennifer Hass – Grade Level Chair
Megan Byrne, Alyssa Hadd, Liz Hardrick, Jennifer Showalter-Cupp


We are very excited and proud of our kindergarten program here at Maybeury. Our main goal is for the children to love coming to school to learn and to enjoy their first year here at Maybeury.

The kindergarten teachers work together to create a Pacing Chart for the entire year which includes the four core subject areas. This allows us the opportunity to plan ahead for our units, art projects, and any theme-based activities. It also allows us the opportunity to differentiate the curriculum so that the needs of all learners are met. We meet each week and plan our curriculum for the following week. Even though we plan together, each teacher uses her own talents to present the curriculum in a fun, exciting way. It is important to us that the children enjoy school and that they feel good about themselves. They WILL learn if they love school and want to be here!

Language Arts:
We introduce letters and their sounds throughout the school year and we work on blending sounds together to read and spell. It is not a requirement of Henrico County for the kindergartners to read, but if a child is developmentally ready to read, we will teach them the sequential steps needed. Technology is also used to integrate writing and reading into our language arts lessons. We meet the needs of each child by taking them at the level they enter our classrooms and working to ensure that each particular child reaches his/her full potential. We want to develop a love of reading so we read to our children every day. We would encourage our parents to do the same!

Our math program is a manipulative based program. We use the math series adopted by the county but we also use many of the components of the the Everyday Math program. Children develop a better math sense when hands on activities are incorporated into the math lessons. Various teaching methods and a variety of fun activities are used to engage the students in our Math program. Some of the key components of our math program are learning to recognize, write, and count numbers to 20; count to 100; count back from 10; creating sets to match a number; understanding the concepts of more/less/equal and greater than/less than, counting by 5’s and 10’s, graphing, sequencing numbers, understanding before/after/between, patterning, recognizing the four basic shapes, adding, and subtracting.

Science and Social Studies:
These subjects are taught in conjunction with our weekly theme. You will see many projects, fun activities, and center work come home based on science and social studies concepts.

Your kindergarten child might occasionally have homework but it is minimal and is used as a review tool or to expand the curriculum for some of the children.

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