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Maybeury Core Values and Maybeury School Promise

     Maybeury Core Values

School Promise

School areas

Make responsible choices

Expect the best from myself.

Show respect for myself and others.



Keep hands & feet to self.

Accept help from your teachers & peers.

Use appropriate language & voice level.

Use time wisely.

*Enter specials quietly and wait for directions.


Follow directions the 1st time given.

Keep your area neat & clean.

Enter quietly & correctly.

Listen, participate & ask questions

Work to your best ability.

Be prepared with materials & HW ready.

Treat others with kindness.

Raise hand & wait to be called on.

Be respectful of properties & supplies.

Allow self & others to make mistakes.



Stay quiet.


Stay with your class.

Accept redirection from adults.

Report directly to your destination.



     Enter & exit silently.

Keep hands & feet to yourself.

Keep appropriate space between yourself & others.

Stay to the right.


Remain in your assigned seats facing forward.

Use appropriate language & voice level.

Keep food & drinks in lunchboxes/


Keep your area clean.

Report problems to bus driver.

Be at your bus on time with all materials I need.

Follow bus drivers’ instructions the 1st time.

Keep hands, feet & objects to yourself & away from windows.

Keep walkway clear.


Clean up after yourself.

Report problems to cafeteria monitors. Stay in your seat with your legs under the table.

Keep your food in your eating space.

Use appropriate language.

Line up in orderly fashion to return to class.

Know your lunch number.

Follow directions the 1st time.

Allow any classmate to sit next to you.

Chew with your mouth closed.

Stand in line quietly, keep hands & feet to yourself.

Use your manners.


Be a good sport.

Use playground equipment appropriately.

Remain in designated area.

Report problems to your teacher.

Follow game rules.

Line up at first signal to return to class.

Take turns.

Include others in your play.

Share materials.

Solve problems positively,

Use light touches.

Follow directions the 1st time.

Use polite words & actions.


Use toilet, sink, towels, soap & water appropriately.

Keep hands & feet to self.

Use appropriate voice level.

Report misuse of the bathroom to an adult.

Use time wisely & return to class promptly.

Respect privacy of others.

Flush toilet after use.

Put trash in trashcan.

Wash hands.

If bathroom is in use wait quietly at the door.


Remain seated & still.

Keep your eyes on the presenter(s).

Keep hands & feet to self.

Participate only when prompted.

Accept redirection from adults.

Listen & think actively about what you are there to learn.

Enter & exit in an orderly manner.

Show appreciation with applause when appropriate.

Field Trips

-follow adult instructions


-listen, learn and participate during the field trip

-show good manners

-clean up the site

-set a good example as you represent Maybeury

Maybeury School Promise

At Maybeury Elementary School, I

Make responsible choices.

Expect the best from myself.

Show respect for myself and others.