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Second Grade

Second Grade at Maybeury
Christina Robertson – Grade Level Chair
Mara Brennan, Kristin Jones, Amy Moore, Heather Simpkins


Second grade is a year of great growth for our students. In order to provide consistancy across the grade level, the teachers plan, make decisions, discuss, and revise the curriculum together. Our goal is to develop independent, lifelong, self-directed learners. Differentiating for abilities and interests allows us to reach all students every day. We have high expectations for all of our students and emphasize making good choices.

Language Arts/Reading:
We strive to help children become excellent readers. In second grade, students have learned to read and are beginning to read to learn. Emphasis is placed on developing vocabulary and higher comprehension skills beyond recall such as comparison, synthesis, supporting opinions, etc. To support our reading program, we use the basal texts, novel studies, trade and Rigby books.

Language Arts/Writing:
The major goal for second grade is to develop prolific writers. Writing skills are practiced across the curriculum. Students construct paragraphs and stories. They are taught to self-edit and are held responsible for using correct grammar, sentence structure and spelling of words from assigned lists. The spelling program is based on “Words Their Way” in order to meet each child’s academic needs.

In math, our main focus is to develop number sense. This includes the ability to see numbers, break them apart and use them for computation and solving problems. Investigations in Number, Data and Space and Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley will be used to meet various concepts and learning styles.

Science and Social Studies:
Both of these subjects are integrated as much as possible with the core subjects. I-movies, interactive CD’s, IIM research skills, the Internet and hands on activities are all incorporated to enhance various lessons. The Discovery Lab further reinforces science concepts throughout the school year.

There is a homework sheet given at the beginning of every week. This should remain in each student’s folder as it contains information pertinent for the entire week. Reading will be expected every night. Homework should take about 30 minutes per night. If it takes longer, please let your teacher know. Cut it off at 45 minutes and write a note that you did this, explaining if there was a problem with skills or work habits. The teacher will follow through the next day.


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