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Third Grade

Third Grade at Maybeury
Whitney Beck- Grade Level Chair
Emily Hein, Alison “Allie” Lehman, Ashley Marshall, Amy Stearns


As third grade teachers, we follow the guidelines for the Virginia SOLs as well as Henrico County Essentials of Learning. We plan and discuss on a weekly basis and differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of individual learners.

The students learn to value mathematics and become confident, active math learners. They learn multiplication and division fact families as well as develop their number sense and computational skills. They also explore probability, statistics, patterns, and algebraic thinking. Language Arts:
Third grade reading emphasizes learning about words, reading age-appropriate text with fluency and expression as well as learning comprehension strategies. Reading a variety of literature, both fiction and nonfiction, and reading comprehension strategies are integrated into all curriculum areas. The writing process (planning, drafting, revising, and editing) is developed as students write stories, simple explanations, and short reports. Students also learn to write in cursive. Science:
Investigating matter, cycles in nature, soil, simple machines, natural resources, and food chains are all part of an exciting curriculum. Social Studies:
The heritage and contributions of the people of ancient Greece and Rome and the West African empire of Mali are explored. Map skills and basic economic concepts are incorporated in all units of study. Civics concepts include the customs, traditions, and government of American life. European explorations of the Americas is also studied.

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